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Steel shot, made out of special steel, is spherical and used for blast cleaning and shot peening mainly. Perfectly controlled heat treatments provide it with optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue.

Features of IKK Steel Shot

  • Uniform structure and hardness make the shot stronger and more durable to long hours of use.
  • Excellent repulsion makes blasting time shorter and working efficiency better.
  • Good quality makes finishing uniform and blasting time stable.

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Steel grit, made out of special steel, is angular with sharp edges, and used for surface preparation before coating/painting, derusting, etc. IKK steel grit is produced with 3 hardness ranges to fit every blasting application.

Features of IKK steel grit

  • Superior durability derived from well-balanced hardness and resilience lowers abrasive consumption.
  • Many sharp angles give the excellent etching effect for surface preparation before coating/painting.
  • Most of the projection energy acting for descaling and cleaning, blasting is done evenly in shorter time.

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Ultra Fine Shot

High hardness and resilience realized
through our unique production method

Shot peening

  • · Improving fatigue strength (gear, spring, cam)
  • · Preventing stress corrosion cracking (welded part)
  • · Improving frictional property (bearing, piston, cam)

Blast cleaning

  • · deburring/descaling small parts
  • Best suited for fine particle peening or
    double shot peening for more fatigue
  • 1.3 to 1.7 times as long in its performance
    life as the conventional ones, to lower
    abrasive cost by 30%.


Dummy Ball

Conductive media to electroplate in a barrel
chip parts such as MLCC, chip resistors, etc.

  • Much lower cost compared with steel
    (bearing) balls
  • Stable & high quality maintained by uniform
    spherical shape and strictly selected size


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