IKK SHOT is the one to help you find solutions!

IKK Steel Shot and Steel Grit are superior in quality and its stability, therefore, IKK products last long with high performance and contribute to cost reduction. Our long-cultivated know-how and experiences permit us to provide technical support as well. You can definitely rely on the brand of IKK, made in Japan!

Worth trying the IKK brand


IKK SHOT started manufacturing steel shot and steel grit in 1957 as IKK(Itoh Kikoh) and became independent in 1997.

  We have been specializing in production and sales of IKK steel shot and steel grit, since 1957, which were developed with our original technology. As a quality-conscious producer, IKK SHOT is proud of its achievement in establishing its credibility of the “IKK” brand worldwide.
  For example, AMS shot for peening, which requires strict specifications, is available at IKK SHOT.
  We not only stay within shot and grit as abrasives, but also have developed steel balls, “Dummy Balls”, which are characterized by high spheroidization like bearing balls, to be used as conductive media to electroplate chip parts such as chip capacitors, chip resistors, etc.
  This is certainly a result of technology and know-how we have been cultivating for a long time.
  Moreover, we have IKK Test Center on the premises to privide our customers training about blasting techniques, which can be done on the Test Center or directly on the customers' sites, and to share with the customers our expertise and experiences accumulated for over a half century. Take advantage of this approach! We will promise to give you tailor-made follow-up service in order to meet various and individual needs of our customers'

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